Custom Stand Extensions


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Upgrade Stoves With Custom Stand Extensions

The Turbo 1D and Turbo 2D are now available with optional custom stainless steel stand extensions. Extensions are soldered by hand to stock stoves on a special-order basis. The stand extensions significantly improve stability especially with pots that are on the outer range of the stove’s capacity. This modification increases the stove weight by only 0.3 oz (9 gm). It’s also possible to have these extensions added to ANY Brasslite stove(s) you now own.

Will the extensions allow the stove to nest inside your pot? The extensions are permanently attached and create a profile that will fit inside a pot that is at minimum 5 inches (13 cm) in diameter. The modified Turbo 1D and Turbo 2D will fit in both the Vargo 0.9 L and 1.3 L pots. However, the modified stoves will NOT fit inside any pot that is smaller than 5 inches in diameter. The height of the modified stoves is increased slightly over the unmodified versions.

Note: This is a custom order item and requires additional shop time, since the extensions are soldered by hand. You’ll receive an email informing you of wait time when you place your order. if you’re concerned about wait time because of an upcoming trip, send an email first to Aaron at and ask for an approximate shipping date.

Upgrade Brasslite Stove(s) You Have Previously Purchased.

If you already own a Brasslite stove and want to improve the stability of your stove, it’s no problem! No matter what model you own or how much you’ve used it, you can upgrade it! Simply fill out the mail order form and include a check for $25 payable to Brasslite, LLC for each stove (includes return shipping). Pack your stove(s) and return to the address listed on the form.