Brasslite Founder Aaron Rosenbloom

Aaron Rosenbloom - Brasslite's Founder
Aaron RosenbloomBrasslite’s designs grew out of Aaron’s interest in lightweight backpacking. After making several models of stoves constructed from beverage and pet-food cans, Aaron decided to apply his metalsmithing and jewelry design skills to the project of making a lightweight backpacking stove that would function like a soda-can stove but with greater durability and efficiency. When the first model was shown to friends in May of 2002 they encouraged Aaron to make and sell them to other hikers. The first models were pressurized and had a screw closure and jets. They worked well for boiling water but they required a bottle with a nozzle for fueling, the screw closure was easily lost and they also didn’t simmer. The challenge was to develop a design that would have a simmering ability similar to that of a butane cartridge stove but with a weight close to that of a soda-can stove. The result is the Turbo series. The Turbo models have a rotating sleeve to simply and effectively control airflow and heat level. Without the Custom Stand extensions the stoves can be used with vessels as small as cups. The Custom Stand Extensions give the stoves added versatility and stability without significantly adding weight.

Aaron in ShopThe first 500 Brasslite stoves were made personally by Aaron in his jewelry shop and the prices were significantly higher than they are now. The demand rapidly exceeded Aaron’s ability to produce them and since the end of 2002 Brasslite stoves have been made in Asia to Aaron’s exacting specifications. Aaron continues to closely monitor the craftsmanship and quality of every stove. Brasslite remains committed to providing the highest standard in customer service and satisfaction. Designed by a backpacker, for other backpackers.

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