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I’d just like to say that after using both Esbit, and the Brasslite Micro on the trail, the Micro kicks ass. Esbit sucks. In my direct opinion.

Why? Because the Micro boils water in less than 4 minutes and the Esbit takes longer. (Using the Antigravity gear 3 cup pot with 2 cups of water at an altitude typically at 9000 feet or so). I also would have to use a whole tab of the Esbit, half wouldn’t burn hot enough. And the fuel for the Micro is easy to find in a small trail town – I found HEET at most general
stores. Esbit smells bad.

I also like the Micro better than the soda can stoves because it operates under pressure. I found my soda can stove tests (at home) to be too inconsistent, varying greatly with pot stand distance and air flow. Plus the Brasslite flame is green sometimes when it picks up a bit of copper 🙂

I had made the mistake of listening to someone else and sending my Brasslite stove home and using Esbit instead because it was lighter than carrying the HEET or alcohol. Big mistake. I had a friend order *another one* and had it mailed ASAP to a trail town. (Thanks Aaron).

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