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Aaron –
Stove, etc. arrived today (Sat) in fine shape. I did a couple of quick tests this evening, will do more as time permits. I did get a proper B-D syringe to measure with and found the Stabil bottle markings are right on the money. That setup makes life a lot easier than the separate (unmarked) 1 oz bottle….
Altitude 2200′ Barom. pressure: 30.15 Calculated boiling
temp: 208.5
Air Temp: 66f at beginning of test, 59f at end. Water
temp. before heating 73f.
Temp. measuring device was a Taylor Digital Cooking
Timer/Thermometer (which is apparently not satisfactory). Tests performed
outside in still air conditions.

Pot 1 – 2 qt aluminum pot with cover, approx. 6.25″ diameter

Pot 2 – 600ml Sno Peak cup with aluminum foil cover.

16 oz of water for all 3 tests. Aluminum foil reflector used, no windscreen used.

Pot 1 with 22 ml fuel: time to achieve boil 313 seconds, time to max temp.
(206 measured) 333 seconds. Time to burnout 488 seconds (8:08)
Pot 1 with 52 ml fuel: time to achieve boil 285 seconds, time to max temp
(206 measured) 305 seconds. Time to burnout 972 seconds (16:12). Simmer
ring was placed on the stove for approximately 2 minutes during this test.

Pot 2 with 22 ml fuel: time to achieve boil 375 seconds, time to max temp
(208 measured) 395 seconds. Time to burnout 457 seconds.

The water was at a rolling boil before the thermometer registered its max temp, which in 2 of the 3 tests was below the calculated boiling temperature, so I think that this cooking thermometer has both time lag and accuracy problems.

I’ll do more tests, but the results seem to be very close to what you and Sgt. Rock found and what was expected (given the variations in altitude and amount of fuel used between your tests and mine). I was pleased to see that the performance of the 2 oz Solo was not affected to a great extent by the variation in fuel (22 vs 52 ml); the trend is there, just as Sgt. Rock
reported, but the performance with a ‘light’ fuel load is still very good. As both you and Sgt. Rock suggested, the onfiguration of the pot seems to be a critical factor in performance. At least this time I was able to get the Sno Peak to boil – I’ll play with the windscreen also as that was the other factor that limited performance the first time.

Thanks again for the excellent customer service.

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