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Red Leader

Red Leader

Your bottle looks great. I would definitely like one. I looked up the Sta-bil bottle but thought it was a bit crude. The bottle that you found looks like a higher quality product.

This weekend a friend from CARRYING A GOOD THING TOO FAR and I took a short backpack into the Sierra. We were on the west slope just below the crest at about 8700 feet. The weather was cold but mostly clear. On Saturday afternoon we got a little snow from some passing clouds. The nighttime temperatures were in the high 20’s.

On this trip we decided to test our new alcohol stoves. We carried a Cat stove that Donn had made, a Sgt. Rock Ion stove that I put together last Wednesday, and both of your Brasslite stoves. The Brasslite’s both performed perfectly and I will be using them next year, when I don’t have to melt snow for water.

I’ really pleased that you found a better fuel dispensing system. Our experience last weekend, dealing with multiple alcohol containers, and pouring, and spilling, in the cold wind was the object of much discussion of alternate methods and possible stove modifications. We have also decided to pay what it costs for Everclear, and get away from the health hazards of handling denatured alcohol.

With this new fuel bottle the Brasslite moves even farther ahead of the competition than before. What a design. It’s the tops in ultralite cooking. I believe you’re due for more than the usual 15 minutes of “flame”.

Please let me know how to get your new fuel bottle.

Red Leader

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