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Hi Aaron.
Thanks so much for your excellent products! My order arrived 1 week ago. Now that I have had a chance to play with my new stove, I believe it is worth every penny!

You are obviously a very skilled craftsman, who cares greatly about what you create and sell. I am completely blown away by the exceptionally high quality of your stove. To me, it looks quite fragile. But of course it is actually very sturdy. I am getting VERY good burn and cooking times. The TrailBaker—–WOW! I had my doubts at first, but it works fantastically. The first time I used it, I surprised my wife with a hot spice cake. She was so impressed that she actually approved of my latest stove acquisition! Now that is definitely a first.

Just to let you know, instead of cutting the TrailBaker chains, I tied them off with a piece of copper wire at the correct length. I did this so that should my current pot become damaged or lost, I can still very easily use the baking pan in a different pot. Thanks again Aaron. I will definitely be telling all my hiking buds about your products. If you can, please keep me updated about any new items you come up with.

I did have trouble adjusting the simmer ring at first, even with a hot stove. But when I looked very closely, I realized that the ring was actually in contact with the priming pan, causing it to jam. I simply pulled the ring a little closer to the top of the stove, and it now works perfectly. The fuel bottle is a bit of genius. It is so convenient to have 1 bottle that not only stores fuel, but also includes an integrated 1 ounce measuring chamber!


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