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Linda V.

Linda V.

Dear Aaron,
Your Turbo I is a great stove. Things I liked about it:

1. You can take it on planes..I wrapped mine up in my fleece zip-lock bag cozy, shoved it in a titanium cup (which also holds the windscreen I made out of aluminum roof flashing) and threw it in my checked luggage. No fuel smell so no problemo! Voila! I had something to cook with when I arrived although I had trouble finding Heet in Northern California. Found out it’s sold in some hardware stores. Used denatured alcohol the first few days.

2. It’s easy to use in hotel rooms. I had very up-end hotel rooms in San Fran. and used it to make myself soups and hot drinks which saved me a small fortune.

3. It was wonderfully quiet in Yosemite’s backcountry..I even had a young mule deer continue her browsing thru my campsite as I was cooking dinner.

4. It’s very well made..I find it get’s almost too hot for my .9 Ti-pot so the simmer shield closed halfway is perfect.

5. The simmer shield works so well I was able to scramble my eggs slowly so they didn’t come out hard and nasty..a very big plus.

I am now sure of both its abilities and mine so will pretty much use it exclusively from now on. After all, why settle for second best! Thanks so much for your hard work. I think you have a wonderful product.

Another addition…I just got back from an overnighter and had to cook in winds over 20mph..using my windscreen, I had no problems. It’s certainly easier to fill using the spout and I like the fuel measuring capabilities. I’m getting a feel to the amounts needed to do the required task without fuel waste.
-Linda V.

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