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Harold in Tennessee

Harold in Tennessee

Hello Aaron:

I found your website quite by accident as I was interested in alcohol stoves. My previous experience of cooking at campsites over the years has included every thing from old one burner pump up coleman stove, two burner coleman, fish cookers, dutch ovens etc. I have never been a backpacker till now.

I decided to make one since you had such detailed instructions.

The parts were ordered from the webs you gave plus some local stuff too. It was a real challenge for me and a friend of mine at work who is an excellent welder and solder person. After several trys we finally got the hang of it and made about five of them since I had the material anyway. It is amazing what they will do. I had them at work and people would say HEY-come look at this as I was boiling water in a can.

I have used it several times at home and in the woods-works great!!! Am planning on taking it to Idaho in Oct. for elk hunt. I have ordered one of your 8oz.bottles which I have been needing.

I would recommend to anyone reading this if you are thinking of building it yourself to save money—FORGET IT—–the material cost more than a stove, plus it is very frustrating even for an experienced person to do this.

Thanks Aaron
Harold in Tennessee

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