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Denis (Red Leader)

Denis (Red Leader)

The stoves (Solo and Duo) arrived in good condition and I left work early to go home and try them out. Both worked great and I was able to match yours and Sgt. Rock’s results. I’m looking for a fuel bottle that is graduated, has the proper nozzle type, and is “bomb proof”, in order to eliminate the “filling bottle” ordeal. I’m planning one more trip before the snow flies and look forward to CARRYING A BRASSLITE TOO FAR.

Some of us are getting together for a potluck dinner and photo sharing this weekend. We have several “gear head” members and I’ll be demonstrating both stoves. Perhaps you’ll be getting some orders next Monday.

I thought you and Judy might enjoy a look at our club web site We’ve been going since 1987 and have a roster of around 200 from all over the San Francisco Bay area.
Denis (Red Leader)

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