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David S.

David S.

Don’t know if I mentioned it, but I managed to catch your stove at the A16 clinic Glen was conducting at the West Los Angeles store. Glen dropped by the studio (I’m an advertising photographer) earlier in the day to get some shots done of the G4 and the new G5 to submit for the Backpacker Gear Guide.

The clinics he’d done at the other A16’s had really exceeded all expectations. In San Diego, the corporate guy had put out 40 chairs, but was mumbling that this was probably overkill, since “the usual turnout for these things is around 20 people.” The actual crowd count was 145, and the poor corporate guy spent the evening at the copy machine trying to get handouts done for everyone.

I didn’t count the attendees at the LA store, but it was a packed house — standing room only. There were several home-made stoves available to look at. One guy brought a stove made of Red Bull cans with a bent-wire pot holder, and there were several soda-can stoves there. But I think the BrassLite was the hit. Took me a while to get to it, because there were just too many people weighing it in the palms of their hands, peeking and poking at it. I was impressed with how really well-made it is.
Again, great job!
David S.

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