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In prep for our PCT hike, I’ve been running tests involving the Brasslite Duo and other alcohol stoves. Bottom line: I simply could not be more pleased with the Brasslite Duo. It is wonderful. Let me explain why…

You remember that I got a custom stove (with wider lip and no pot stand) from you so I could play with the pot stand height. Part of my reasoning was having a wider stand for pot stability, in that we use a 6” wide pot and use 1.5 quarts at a time. I can’t recall the height of your standard pot stand, but what I ended up with is a height of 3.25“ above the flat surface, or 1.75” above the top of the stove. It’s probably not exactly what you are using, but I can’t recall your pot stand height. I got the shortest boil times with this height.

Having made myself a super folding pot stand the correct height and a new windscreen of aluminum roofing sheeting, I picked the worst case scenario – probably as bad as anything we will hit in 3-season hiking – and ran more tests. The Brasslite Duo blew away all other stoves. Outside temp was 32*, the water was from a huge container with a large chunk of ice floating in it, and I purposefully kept the fuel bottle outside during the tests (32*). I was trying to bring 1.5 quarts of this ice water to a full boil. All conditions were aimed at the weaknesses of alcohol stoves.

Well, to all the original critics on BPL that said to stick with a gas stove if I wanted to heat that much water under these conditions, I say “Try a Brasslite.” I have gotten the Brasslite Duo to rapid boil that amount of ice water in 11:45 minutes, which I think is spectacular. I had originally gotten a time of 12:30, but the new pot stand height and new windscreen broke the 12 minute mark, which – for alcohol, and 1.5 quarts of ice water – is just terrific.

My only regret is not having the funds to purchase another custom stove from you to have as a back-up, in that we’re out 2-3 months at a time and I fear something happening to my wonder stove.

Anyway, I wanted to let you know how great I think the Brasslite Duo is.


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