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Andrew “Iceman” Priestley

Andrew “Iceman” Priestley


I received the Brasslite Turbo II yesterday, and did a test burn on it today.

My unscientific test was performed with 1 ounce of denatured alcohol burning under a Peak1 2.5 cup stainless steel pot, with lid, filled with 2 cups of cold tap water. I made a windscreen to fit around the pot, just under the swinging handles and perforated about .75 inches up from the lower edge all the way around. The windscreen was quite a bit too long, but I didn’t want to cut it down to length yet because I’m trying to find the right pot size and don’t want to rule anything out yet. so the overlap probably reduced airflow a bit.

I lit the stove and it immediately began putting out good heat. I put on the pot and the windscreen and waited. I casually estimated start time at about 8 minutes past. The water reached a rolling, lid shaking boil at about 14 past. Pretty good really. I had overestimated my fuel, so it took a few minutes to burn off.

I figure that the boil time was maybe twice what a Whisperlite could achieve, but quiet and the stove weighs almost nothing compared to the sheer mass of a whisperlite. The big advantage of the whisperlite and similar stoves is the ability to take on 2 liter pots full of water in really crummy conditions. But dang, for most uses, I could definitely use the Brasslite. So color me impressed.

I am looking forward to trying the Turbo II under real field conditions, but based on what I have seen, it should do fine. I really like how quiet, small and light it is, and the construction is excellent. Good job.

Andrew “Iceman” Priestley, AT’95 GA>ME

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