Brasslite Turbo 2D Backpacking Stove


Our flagship stove has been trail-tested by literally thousands of backpackers since 2003. Light enough for solo hiking but will also perform well for couples cooking with one pot. Out for a weekend or a thru-hike, the Brasslite Turbo 2D never fails to perform! See below for full description and specifications.

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The Brasslite Turbo 2D (2.6oz, 74gm) is a larger version of the Turbo 1D, suitable for solo hikers and couples. It’s designed to be used with cook pots having a minimum base diameter of 5 inches (12.5cm) and a maximum capacity of 2 liters. The Vargo 900ml Titanium Mug, Vargo 1.3L Titanium Pot (sold by Brasslite), and Evernew 900ml & Evernew 1.3L titanium pots are examples of appropriate cook pots for the Turbo 2D.

Materials & Dimensions for the Turbo 2D
Body: 30 gauge brass shim (0.305mm). Inner cup & simmer sleeve: 32 gauge brass shim (0.203mm). Stainless steel wire cloth. Jeweler’s silver solder. Width of chamber and stand: 60mm. Width of base: 80mm. Height of chamber: 42 mm. Overall height: 70mm. Side port diameter: 8mm. Top port diameter: 25mm. Weight: 2.6 oz (74gm). Fuel capacity: 2 fluid oz (60ml). **

Custom Stand Extensions
The Turbo 2D is also available with custom stand extensions to improve stability with pots having a base diameter near the maximum recommended size. Note: Stand extensions are permanently attached and without clipping to size, will prevent the stove from nesting inside cups. Choose this option only if you intend to use the stove with pots larger than 5″(12.5cm) in diameter, where fit will not be an issue.

** Weighed on Royal EX-2 digital scale accurate +/- 0.1 ounce. Total burn time using 1 fluid oz (30ml) of methanol is about 10 minutes, longer if simmering. Starting fuel amount: 1 fluid oz (30ml) plus 2 ml preheat. Average time to bring 16 fluid oz (475ml) water to boil: 6 minutes. Stove burn trials involved 10 test burns; the average time is posted. Cook pot used for Turbo 2D tests: Vargo 1.3 Liter Titanium Pot. Interior environment was used. Starting room, fuel and water temps: 70 degrees F (22 C). Elevation: 80 ft. No simulated wind, but windscreen was used. Stove was sitting on plywood surface. Factors that may increase boil times include: pot size and proportion, metal type and thickness, wind conditions, windscreen position, lower starting water temperature, lower outside air temperature and substantially higher elevation. Field tests also have shown that wrapping a windscreen too close to the pot may significantly reduce burn time, fuel efficiency and overall performance.

Note: Stoves do not include a windscreen. The Windscreen Instructions Page has easy-to-follow instructions for making a proper windscreen. Complete instructions are also included with every stove. You may also buy a ready-made screen here that requires minor trimming and punching with a pair of scissors and a standard office paper punch.

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Please Note

Stoves do not include a fuel dispenser bottle. Fuel dispenser bottles are a separate-order item. Brasslite fuel dispenser bottles are a very convenient and accurate fuel dispensing solution but are not required to use the stove. Many hikers use a standard 20 oz. soda bottle for carrying fuel and dispense fuel using the cap. If you are interested in having a pot cozy to use in conjunction with your stove (saves lots of fuel!), return to this page after ordering and click here for more information. Brasslite highly recommends a pot cozy as an alternative to simmering.